Our Impact

West Valley Health Equity innovative program design improves overall health and well-being for patients and the community, ensures access to the right services at the right time, reduces costly healthcare use, and advances health equity and excellence
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Services include

  • A broad menu of services at no cost to clients that are enhanced through a broad community resource and referral network (e.g., free pregnancy and STD/STI testing, AHCCCS/DES/WIC enrollment services, pregnancy and infant supplies, etc.).
  • Providing integrated, comprehensive services including obstetric care, maternal-fetal specialty care, urgent care, community outreach, mental and behavior health, outpatient medication-assisted treatment via medication, evidence-based parenting education (Triple P Parenting), on-site legal aide, social connections programming, nutrition education and more.
  • Care teams with diverse professional types and care providers, drawing from communities in which individuals receiving care live (e.g., community health workers), to develop whole-person care plans and deliver effective and culturally congruent care. Care plans and service delivery should integrate physical, mental, and social health services to meet a full range of health needs.
  • Lived experience peer support substance use and trauma programming (Seeking Safety), outreach and social connections programming. Social connections programming helps clients build trusting, supportive and positive relationships, that reduce social isolation and buffer them from stressors.
  • Access to high quality legal representation to engage at-risk parents in pre-dependency legal advocacy work. The legal assistance model includes an attorney to work directly with the parents and community health worker to support parents in accessing services.
  • Access to housing that ensures everyone has the opportunity to reside in an affordable, safe, stable home and a neighborhood that foster well-being.
  • Our standard of care includes same day intakes, extended evening and weekend and walk-in hours as well as transportation services as needed for vital services.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Improved health outcomes at both the patient and community levels.

We ensure

Programming and practices address barriers to equity, equality, and inclusion and facilitate diversity, autonomy, dignity, and rights.

Services provided are person-centered, trauma-informed, culturally appropriate and mitigate stigma. Information and services are available in multiple languages,

culturally competent and trauma-informed across the organization. Timely, high-quality tele-health, mobile and home services options for rural and urban underserved populations.

Use multi-specialty care teams that can meet the range of interrelated physical, emotional, and social health needs.

An environment that is physically, aesthetically, and culturally welcoming that shows respect for individuals and their families when they are receiving care.

Coverage for and access to the comprehensive range of clinical, mental, behavioral and social services that are essential to delivering effective care.

Community outreach initiatives that identify disparities and going beyond traditional approaches seeking innovative approaches. Sex workers often go without medical care out of fear of arrest medical staff, our community outreach focuses on women in local sex work.

Service providers are diverse, and representative of the community served and are equipped to provide appropriate, respectful, and culturally congruent care that builds upon the individual’s support networks.

Appropriately use disaggregated data on race, ethnicity, and other demographic factors to identify and address disparities, and to ensure that care provided, and outcomes achieved are equitable and improve the health of communities

Technologically innovative solutions including texting programs designed to reach patients at home and on the go to help identify symptoms faster for increased early detection and treatment as well as to provide health information. This can also serve as a noninvasive, self-administered digital support tool for women who are intending to become pregnant or who have just found out they are pregnant to guide care of pregnancies with risk factors.

Cultivating relationships that facilitate the sharing of relevant information between service providers and individuals and their families. This includes communicating and collecting information in ways that are appropriate and reflective of the cultural and demographic background and priorities of individuals and their caregivers and maintaining privacy and securing consent when sharing data.

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Free Walk in STD and Pregnancy Testing

Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM