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Housing Assistance

At West Valley Health Equity, we recognize the profound impact of stable housing on overall well-being, and our commitment to health-supported housing is at the core of our mission. We understand that housing instability is intricately linked with access to healthcare and substance use disorders, all of which significantly affect maternal and child health. Our homes are strategically located in walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with proximity to public transportation, parks, and healthy food options, aim to bridge the service gap in addressing these intertwined crises in Phoenix, AZ.

Our unique scattered-site housing model is designed to create a supportive, sober, and healing home environment for our participants. CDC Public Health AmeriCorps members play a crucial role in delivering evidence-based Seeking Safety interventions, fostering recovery, and providing maternal and child resiliency skill-building activities. They also ensure access to care through transportation services, recognizing the importance of breaking down barriers that may hinder individuals from receiving the healthcare they need.

Please join us in our community for classes and activities. Contact us for additional information and/or to sign up.

👶 Childcare provided for ages 0-5
🍲 Complimentary meals
🎓 Free classes for all ages

If you or someone you know are need housing, please contact us by…