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Most people interact with the healthcare system from birth to the end of life and many times in between. Those interactions can provide vital connections, guidance, and life-saving care. Healthcare should be a positive force for individuals, as well as for the communities that need their service. But for too many, this is not the case. Patients are frustrated by systems that fail to treat them with dignity and respect, are frequently difficult or impossible to access, and often deliver fragmented care.

These challenges are exacerbated for individuals and communities that face the greatest challenges—people of color, people with disabilities, women, and all people who experience discrimination—who often report feeling unseen, unwelcome, or disrespected. In a country as wealthy as ours; we can and must do better. Our organization understands that today’s health challenges are influenced by issues well beyond the clinic walls, from the social, economic and environmental factors that shape one’s health to the safety of our surroundings.

Helen Bouchard-Bujak

What Do You Need?

At West Valley Health Equity, we are committed to providing care and support to anyone who needs it. To start we want to connect you with the service that best fits your specific circumstance. Please choose below from whatever option best fits your scenario to get connected with a the support you need.

What Impacts Your Health?

West Valley Health Equity aims to address all factors that impact a person’s health.

10% Physical Environment

20% Health Care

30% Health Behaviors

40% Socieoeconomic Factors

*Source: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement. Going Beyond Clinical Walls: Solving Complex Problems(2014)

2023 Impact


Of OUD/SUD participants concurred that they engaged in SUD treatment and primary care services


Maternal Overdoses


Of participants-maintained recovery, and the pre-term birth rate is 38% lower than our neighbors with care (HRSA 62%, 85031)


Only 5% of babies born required a NICU stay.


Of health plus home residents accessed healthcare services before a minor health issue has exacerbated into a more severe or chronic condition requiring Emergency Department or hospitalization services and associated increased healthcare costs. 


Of Fast legal service participants have safe-maintained custody of their children.

Our Board of Directors

Julia Carlberg, MA

Executive Board President

Carlberg Consulting, Owner

Cari Conti

Executive Board Vice President

Blue Yonder, VP Global Controller

Tammy Rivers, CPA, CFE

Executive Board Treasurer

Rivers & Moorehead, Owner

Kimberly Kent, RN JD

Executive Board Secretary

The Cavanagh Law Firm, Attorney at Law

Dr. Galin Johnson, MD

The Birth Nest, Medical Director

Lynna Soller

City of Scottsdale, HR Manager, Benefits

Mariza Pinon

West Valley Health Consumer, Retired Maryvale Business Owner

Judith Estes, Secretary

West Valley Health Consumer, Retired Maryvale Business Owner

Michael S. Sullivan

Oncology Specialty Representative