Our organization is advancing health equity and excellence, grounded in everyone’s ability to access and receive the full range of affordable care they need while being treated with dignity and respect.

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Our services address critical maternal child health needs in areas of Arizona that have long faced inequities limiting housing and health opportunities by coordinating care across primary care, pediatric care, prenatal care, behavioral health, and health-related social needs.


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At WVHE, we recognize the profound impact of stable housing on overall well-being, and our commitment to health-supported housing is at the core of our mission. Stable and secure housing benefits children, families, and vulnerable populations and significantly reduces public healthcare costs. By providing access to safe and supportive housing, we aim to improve individuals’ and families’ overall health and well-being, ultimately leading to healthier communities and more efficient healthcare systems. This vision drives our commitment to addressing housing and healthcare disparities and transforming communities.

The Sunflower House, Family and Child Retreat Phoenix


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